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Barbecues „

Each year an average of 8,800 home fires are caused by grilling, and

close to half of all injuries involving grills are due to thermal burns. Before

lighting, remove anything that may be hanging overhead. Move the grill

to a safe distance away from structures, trees or any other itmes that

may burn.


Charcoal Grills

Use lighter fluids designed for charcoal grills and do not add fluid after the

coals are lit. After cooking, ashes and coals should always be placed in a

metal container with a tight lid after they have cooled to safe temperature.


Gas Grills 

Prior to ignition, insure the gas hose connection is tight and check for

possible leaks. When you are done cooking, turn the grill and the fuel

source off. 



Private use of fireworks is prohibited in the Town of Amherst. Make the right choice, the safe choice, and attend public fireworks displays and leave the lighting to the professionals.



Carelessly discarded cigarettes, whether tossed from car windows or dropped on the sidewalk, start numerous fires each summer. Doing so may be very dangerous if the weather has been dry.


Stay Hydrated

  • Drink at least 64 ounces of fluid per day

  • Minimize caffeine

  • Avoid alcohol and or sugary beverages

  • Remember to drink before, during and after exercising

Symptoms of Deyhdration

  • Thirst

  • Dizziness

  • Confusion

  • Fatigue

  • Dry skin/mouth

  • Decreased urination

  • Increased heart rate

Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion

  • Cool, moist skin

  • Heavy sweating

  • Headache

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Dizziness

  • Light headedness

  • Weakness

  • Thirst

  • Irritability

  • Fast heart beat

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

  • Confusion

  • Fainting

  • Seizures

  • Excessive sweating or red, hot, dry skin

  • Very high body temperature​


Ourdoor Fire Regulations

The Town of Amherst Fire Safety Division enforces section 307 of the Fire Code of NYS. Large outdoor fires (bon fires) are not permitted unless legally authorized in conformity with New York State Environmental Conservation Law, through a burning permit issued by the Amherst Building Department’s Fire Safety Division.


However, small recreational fires are permitted for legitimate cooking or warmth without a permit provided they be in some type of controlled area or enclosure, i.e.: stone surround fire pit, brick barbecue, and metal fire stand or clay chiminea.


The burning of combustible material, shrubs, tree branches or leaves for a non-recreational purpose is not permitted.

  1. Recreational fires must be contained in a stone surround or open fire pit, brick barbecue, metal fire stand or clay chiminea

  2. If contained in metal fire stand with spark arrestor and top or clay chiminea or other approved appliance, the fire must be located a minimum of 15 feet from a structure or combustible material.

  3. If contained in a stone surround or open fire pit, the fire must be a minimum of 25 feet from a structure or combustible material. The woodpile can be no larger then 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height.

  4. All fires must be constantly attended at all times until extinguished.

  5. Some type of on-site fire extinguishing equipment is required, i.e. a 5 lb ABC fire extinguisher, dirt, sand, water bucket, garden hose etc.

  6. If a complaint is receieved from a neighbor that the smoke from the fire has become offensive, objectionable is a nuisance, the fire department or police will respond and attempt to provide a solution, i.e.: moving the location of the fire or not burning when there is high humidity. If this does not resolve the complaint, the fire must be extinguished. If the owner or resident is difficult or has been previously warned, the Town of Amherst may issue a violation summons (similar to a traffic ticket with a fine of $75.00 for the first offense or $150.00 for a second, third etc.). The Town of Amherst may also issue a court appearance ticket, which is a violation, punishable by up to a $250.00 fine and/or jail time.

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