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In the Line of Duty

Getzville Fire Stripe Red.jpg

Micheal Zbieski, a polish immigrant, was 18 when he came to America and served with the Marine Corps in World War 1. On June 28, 1934, a mutual aid drill was staged at the George F. Lamm American Legion Post on Wehrle Drive. The purpose of the drill was to ascertain response times from various town fire companies to what was considered an "isolated" area. As a pumper from the North Amherst Chemical Company approached the scene, Zbieski darted into its path from a lane of cars parked along the shoulder of the road and was critically injured. On July 1, 1934, Zbieski succumbed to his injuries.

Irving Isenberg was a member of the Getzville Fire Company for 29 years and held the offices of Fire Chief from 2007-2011 and President from 2016-2018. Irv was a part of a state-wide mutual aid deployment to Ground Zero after the September 11th attacks. Irv was one of four Getzville firefighters stationed at Albany Street and West Street, a mere block away from Ground Zero. After being diagnosed with job-related cancer from his heroic efforts in lower Manhattan, Irv's last few weeks were spent with family and friends as he battled until the very end. Irv was surrounded by the ones he loved, and was in the thoughts and prayers of his friends, coworkers and the many lives that he touched over his 35 year career as a first responder.

To all of our brothers and sisters that have lost their lives both in the line of duty and from other means, we bow our heads and acknowledge all you have done for us, and your communities.




When I am called to duty, God 
Wherever flames may rage 
Give me strength to save a life 
Whatever be its age. 
Let me embrace a little child 
Before it is too late 
Or save an older person from 
The horror of that fate. 
Enable me to be alert 
And hear the weakest shout, 
and quickly and efficiently 
To put the fire out. 
I want to fill my calling 
To give the best in me, 
To guard my friend and neighbor 
And protect their property. 
And, if, according to your will, 
While on duty I must answer death’s call; 
Bless with your protecting hand 
My family, one and all.

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